Hank Plumley Uncategorized See the beautiful photos and the wonderful Las Vegas and the state of Nevada on them

See the beautiful photos and the wonderful Las Vegas and the state of Nevada on them

It’s no secret that Las Vegas and the state of Nevada are home to some of the most beautiful and eye-catching sights in the world. From the iconic Las Vegas Strip to the breathtaking natural wonders of Red Rock Canyon and its surrounding areas, there’s always something captivating to experience in this region. In recent years, it’s become even easier for visitors to take in these famous sights due to a proliferation of stunning photographs coming out of this area.

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or an experienced professional, visiting Nevada and taking photos is like too many other places: You simply have to be there, see what catches your eye, and get creative! While many people find themselves charmed by the neon lights of the Strip, true exploration is often found elsewhere. Whether it’s peering deep into the rugged terrain around Red Rock Canyon or snapping pictures of Death Valley’s rolling landscape during a road trip down highway 95, those who go beyond what appears “touristy” are often rewarded with shots that capture the true beauty of Nevada.

For amateur photographers, so much about photography involves trial and error; however, having a game plan before setting out can help make sure your shoot goes according to plan — even if unexpected surprises come your way. For instance, if you want great architecture photography then Downtown Las Vegas is your perfect destination. The historic El Cortez Hotel & Casino and Container Park outside Fremont Street Experience each contain unique characters that make them stand apart from other destinations worldwide (or just up Las Vegas Boulevard!). Additionally, Camera+ is a great app toolbox for both iPhoneographers and DSLR users that allows you to take more control over your camera settings while still retaining creative ease during shooting.

Whenever possible while traveling in southern Nevada it is also recommended to bring along a tripod! Because light pollution can be heavy at night care must be taken so as not to overexpose film or digital sensors when capturing brighter light sources such as street lamps or car headlights from long exposures shot on clear nights — few things are more dismaying than opening up one’s image only realize everything has been washed out due to overzealousness! Also don’t forget ND filters for added light control when shooting daytime scenarios!

With creativity comes experimentation; testing new angles or techniques will often net results far greater than anything seen before! And lastly remember: spending extra time out at locations when visiting them means encountering different moods lighting types throughout morning noon evening etc which can yield stunningly varied results every step along your way whether they be desaturated landscape shots monochrome skylines or vibrant astral activity captured above our cities highways deserts limestone caves and so much more―in short…there’s never any shortage of subjects no matter how close or far away we may wander here in Nevada…so let us look ‘round together as we see all they have to offer through well crafted photographs!

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