Hank Plumley Uncategorized See beautiful photos of the US Air Force firepower at Nellis Air Force Base

See beautiful photos of the US Air Force firepower at Nellis Air Force Base

The US Air Force is a formidable force of advance military aircraft and personnel dedicated to protect the skies across the United States. Nellis Air Force Base, located 17 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada is home to many active US Air Force units and operations, and it’s also a major tourism attraction from abroad. From taking off in the sky to pausing for photo ops on the tarmac, seeing the power of US Air Force firepower at Nellis is realizing that America still has air superiority around the world.

Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting Nellis AFB for an exclusive tour of some their facilities, picturesque views and impressive firepower of observed demonstrations by crewmembers invited us in awe as they showcased their incredible abilities – flying skills, precision weapons systems and multi-role capabilities during simulated attack runs. An A-10 Thunderbolt II exhibiting devastating close-air support capabilities performed low level turns while buzzing inches off Highway 15 – nicknamed “The Tarmac Road” – while screaming F-16 Fighting Falcons flew above emitting white trails crisscrossing Nellis’ skies. In the background were two stealthy F-22 Raptors simulating dynamic attacks against ground targets with sonic booms reverberating throughout Las Vegas Valley leaving spectators speechless as they took to social media to share these remarkable displays in near real time photography.

Throughout our tour we stopped at several hangers housing B1 Lancers ready for deployment seeking revenge against ISIS militias in Syria; OV-10 Bronco helicopters utilized by SEALS from nearby Yuma Proving Grounds which was recently featured on 60 minutes; AV -8B Harriers used for strait bombing tactics in Afghanistan; AC130 Spectre Gunships for special operation missions along border line patrols between US/Mexican border coastline; besides last but not least KC-135 Stratotankers refueling fighters jets deploying downrange over 5 continents! Needless to say during our visit we got an up close view of cutting edge technology that enables unprecedented control over these aerospace marvels.

As we traversed towards final destination visiting an operational simulation center featurig weaponry R&D stations completely networked using high speed encrypted internet only visible through VR headsets displayed scenes straight out Hollywood playing live video feed of men inside cockpits engaging enemy combatants via parachute drops using night vision reconnaissance pods showing 10G maneuvers guided by automated Artificial Intelligence software capable locking onto human bodies target locations within milliseconds turning entire regions into a scorched earth war zones almost instantly! After exiting this particular division my sentiment hit me hard ultimately understanding why US armed services ranks first place among world military intensity levels .

Overall Nellis AFB remains one of my most cherished experiences due its closeness to lively Las Vegas plus showcasing capabilities secretive technology making country safe vibrant nation proud be part here! As explained earlier pictures show versatile image astounding aerial power locomotive elite men protecting provide security global citizens thank you honored visitors us remember see beautiful photos US air force firepower nellis air base !!!

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